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This Wiki aims to be the respository of all companies and business personas in Singapore. It is broken down into 3 different sections, the first part is a respository of all the companies listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, the second contains all noteworthy private companies that are in Singapore, and finally the section three contains all the well-known business people who'd made their fortunes in Singapore.

This is an open wiki - anybody can make changes and alterations to the database. If you are able to contribute and put in additional information that you'll like to share with others, do feel free to make a contribution. I hope you find the site as useful as much as I've enjoyed creating it!

Vincent Liu
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Directory of Listed of Companies

All the publicly listed companies on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

Directory of Unlisted Companies

Listing of noteworthy private companies in Singapore, including Government Linked Companies and Soverign Wealth Funds

Directory of Business Personas

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