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ABR Holdings Limited1 is primarily engaged in the manufacture of ice cream, the operation of Swensen's ice cream parlors cum restaurants, operation of pubs and other specialty restaurants and investment holding. It manages, franchises and operates a portfolio of food and beverage companies and brands, including Swensen's, Yogen Fruz, Season, The Cocoa Trees and Europa.

It has four segments: restaurants and confectionery; chocolates retail and distribution; pubs, and others, which include import and export of wines and distribution of bathroom shower systems.

On January 27, 2006, it invested in a 73.33% stake in Oishi Japanese Pizza Pte Ltd. In August 2006, the Company acquired the entire equity of Shanghai Ines Trading Co Ltd. In January 2007, the Company increased its interest in Oishi Japanese Pizza Pte Ltd from 73.3% to 84.1%. During the year ended December 31, 2006, ABR also took up 50% stake in the master franchisee of Gloria Jean's Coffees in Singapore.



Founded 1978
Industry Ice Cream / Frozen Desserts
Address 41 Tampines Street 92 ABR Building Singapore 528881
Phone 6567862866
Fax 6567882226
Profits (FY 2007) $6.9 million (Up 13%)

Company History

ABR Holdings Limited is a company listed on the secondary board of the Singapore Exchange. Incorporated in 1978, the Company began as the owner and operator of the first full-service Swensen's ice cream restaurant.

ABR Holdings Limited has the rights to the Swensen's franchise for the territories of Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Australia and PR China and has been operating the Swensen's business for more than 23 years.

Other businesses of the Group include a 42.7% stake in Lowan Australia Ltd (formerly known as Consolidated Foods Australia Ltd), an 80% stake in Season Confectionary & Bakery Sdn Bhd and Season's Café Sdn Bhd through a wholly owned subsidiary. ABR Holdings Limited also owns five Europa pubs and entertainment outlets plus 2 specialty restaurants.

Key Management

  • Executive Chairman of the Board - Chua Tiang Choon, Keith
  • Managing Director, Executive Director - Ang Yee Lim

Annual Reports


  • July 14, 2008 - Unpleasant Experience at Swensens2 - I knew most of us were clearly upset by the Swensens staff at Plaza Singapura. Despite us mimicking on how we would like to complain to the management or write in to forums, I knew nobody would do so. Thus, I decided to write a complaint letter to Swensens to voice our unhappiness. I finally did so on Saturday (12 July 2008).
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