5AU - AP Oil International Limited

AP Oil International Limited1 is a Singapore-based company engaged in the manufacture of lubricating oil, import and export of oil and fuel, dealing in paraffin wax, lubricating oil and grease, and investment holding. The Company's business operations are divided into four business segments: manufacturing, trading, franchising and outsourcing, and energy and resource business. The manufacturing segment manufactures a range of lubricating oils and fluids, and specialty chemicals for industrial, automotive and marine applications, and provides blending services to its customers. The trading segment trades in base oil and additives, and specialty chemicals. The franchising and outsourcing segment trades in base oil and additives using the Company's brand name. AP Oil International Limited2's sales are made mainly to South East Asia, Indo-China, East Asia and other countries. The Company's manufacturing of lubricating oil is carried out in Singapore.



Industry Chemicals
Address 30 Gul Creacent, Jurong Singapore 629535 Singapore
Phone 6568615503
Fax 6568619162
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