5BL - Kyodo-Allied Industries Ltd

Kyodo-Allied Industries Ltd.1 is a Singapore-based company. The Company operates as the manufacturers and traders in air-conditioning and clean room equipment. It operates in three segments: clean room equipment, air distribution and ventilation products and others. Clean room equipment segment provides an environment where the humidity, temperature and particles in the air are precisely controlled.

Clean room equipment include fan filter units, air showers, clean booths, pass boxes, clean hand dryers and clean benches, amongst others. Air distribution and ventilation products segment are deflection grilles and air diffusers installed to channel and regulate the airflow into the environment within the building to ensure an even distribution of air within the confined space. Others segment includes other trading activities and investment in quoted equities. Clean room equipment is sold to specialized contractors in the business of construction and installation of clean room facilities.



Industry Environmental Control Systems
Address 17 Kian Teck Road Singapore 628771 Singapore
Phone 6562651311
Fax 6562658100
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