5DR - EDMI Limited

EDMI Limited is engaged in the manufacture and sale of electronic revenue meters for use principally by utility companies involved in the generation, distribution and supply of electricity. It is engaged in the provision of service and after sales support for these meters. It offers Mk 6N, which runs off the original Mk 6 firmware but incorporates an updated hardware platform; Mk6E, a high-precision meter for generation and transmission applications, as well as for metering at the facilities of consumers; Mk 10, an advanced meter with communication capabilities over several network media; Mk 7, a single-phase meter with load profile and enhanced communications capabilities; Mk 7A, a two-element version targeted for top-end residential metering, and Mk 7C, a single-phase, single-element residential meter. It also offers wireless data-hubs.



Industry Electronics
Address 47 Yishun Industrial ParkA #01-00 Singapore 768724 Singapore
Phone 6567562938
Fax 6567522533
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