5GF - Nico Steel Holdings Limited

Nico Steel Holdings Limited1 is an industrial enterprise providing total metallurgical solutions to the electronics and personal computer (PC) market. It also provides precision slitting services and just-in-time inventory management to the industry. Nico has also established a coil centre in Suzhou, China. Its major product is Nico Solderite, a range of specialized pre-plated metal strips-in-coils produced with the technology in plating. It is used in the production of metal shielding cans and other shielding applications, which are essential components in many electronic products. It is used in mobile telecommunications equipment, base stations and servers to reduce electro-magnetic or radio frequency interference. The Company also offers stainless steel of austenitic grade, ferritic grade and martensitic grade. In addition it offers copper alloys, such as copper, phosphor, bronze, nickel and silver; aluminium and carbon steel alloys.



Address 48 Changi South Street 1 Changi South Industrial Estate Singapore, 486130 Singapore
Phone 6565421886
Fax 6565421986
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