5MD - Soon Lian Holdings Limited

Soon Lian Holdings Limited1 is a Singapore-based company engaged in the supply of over 1,200 different aluminium alloy products in various specifications for customers in the marine, precision engineering, trading and other industries.

The Company's products meet the requirements of marine and precision engineering industries, such as corrosion resistance, flatness tolerance, stability and tensile strength. It sources its inventories of aluminium alloy products mainly from manufacturers in the United States, South Africa, Singapore, India, Canada and the People's Republic of China.

The various grades of aluminium alloy products that it supplies include AA1100, AA2024, AA5052, AA5083, AA6061 and AA7075. Its customers are located in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, United Arab Emirates, India, South Korea, the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam. It has four segments: marine, precision engineering, stockists and traders, and others.



Industry Aluminum
Address 45 Joo Koon Circle Singapore 629106 Singapore
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