600 - Hyflux Ltd.

Hyflux Ltd.1focuses on four core businesses: water includes seawater desalination, raw water purification, wastewater cleaning, water recycling, water reclamation and ultra pure water production for municipal and industrial clients, as well as home consumer filtration and purification products; industrial manufacturing processes includes separation, concentration and purification treatments for manufacturing process streams; specialty materials is engaged in the development and commercialization of specialty materials utilizing membrane technology, such as lactic acid from natural renewable resources, including corn and sugar cane, and energy is engaged in the development of membrane applications in resource recovery, waste recycling and energy reclamation, such as used oil recovery and recycling. On December 3, 2007, its subsidiary, SinoSpring Utilities Ltd, completed the divestment of Hyflux Utilities Limited, a subsidiary of Hyflux, to Hyflux Water Trust Management Pte. Ltd.



Industry Machinery/Industrial Goods
Address 202 Kallang Bahru Hyflux Building Singapore 339339 Singapore
Phone 6562140777
Fax 6562141211


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