A61 - AsiaPharm Group Ltd

AsiaPharm Group Ltd1. is a specialty pharmaceutical group in the People's Republic of China. It specializes in the research and development, production and sale of pharmaceutical drugs and formulations for chemical drugs; the sale of research and development results and patents for drugs, and the provision of research services on a contract basis. Its distribution network includes 35 sales support offices, covering 30 provinces, municipals and autonomous regions, reaching approximately 3,500 hospitals. Its core products include Lutingnuo, Maitongna, Nuosen, Tiandixin, Lipusu and CMNa. On November 23, 2007, the Company acquired Wearnes Biotech & Medicals (1998) Co., Ltd. (WBM), and its 65% owned subsidiary SmartMadicine Pte Ltd. (SmartMadicine). As of May 30, 2008, LuYe Pharmaceutical International Co., Ltd held a 77.18% interest in AsiaPharm Group Ltd.

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