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StarHub Ltd.1 is engaged in the operation and provision of telecommunications services and other businesses relating to the information communications industry. It offers a range of information, communications and entertainment services over mobile, cable, broadband and fixed platforms. The Company operates through three segments: Telecommunications services, Cable TV and broadband services, and Others. Telecommunications services is engaged in the provision of telecommunications services, international call services, retail sales, sale of customer premise equipment and other telecommunication related services. Cable TV and broadband services is engaged in the provision of subscription television and broadband access services. Others is engaged in the provision of Internet and interactive multimedia services and other miscellaneous services.



Founded 7 May 1998
Industry Telecommunications
Employees 2,760


StarHub was awarded the license to provide fixed network and mobile services on 7 May 1998, when the government announced that telecommunications sector in Singapore would be completely liberalised by 2002. In 2000, the government announced that the date for complete liberalisation would be brought forward to 2000, and the 49% cap on foreign ownership of public telecommunications companies in Singapore would be lifted. With ST Telemedia, Singapore Power, BT Group and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) as its major shareholders, StarHub was officially launched in April 2000.

In January 1999, StarHub acquired internet service provider CyberWay and it became a subsidiary within the StarHub group. It was renamed as StarHub Internet on 3 December 1999 in a move to integrate CyberWay into the StarHub brand.

In 2001, Singapore Power divested its shares in StarHub and sold its 25.5% stake to ST Telemedia for S$400 million. BT Group subsequently divested its 18% stake as a result of consolidation, after accumulating debt acquired during the bidding round for 3G licenses in the United Kingdom.

In 2002, the company merged with Singapore's sole cable television operator, Singapore Cable Vision. As a result of the merger, it acquired SCV's cable television as well as broadband internet access operations.

StarHub was publicly listed on the Singapore Exchange in October 2004, and a new wholly owned subsidiary known as StarHub Online was formed in 2005 to provide broadband internet services.


  • Chief Executive Officer - Steven Terrell (Terry) Clontz
  • Chief Financial Officer - Buck Chye Kwek


  • October 18, 2008 - Telcos up mobile broadband ante2 - Faster mobile broadband experience awaits Singapore's mobile phone subscribers. Both StarHub and SingTel yesterday made announcements that point to a faster mobile Web experience for their subscribers.
  • September 24, 2008 - StarHub CFO worried about credit tightening3 - STARHUB Ltd, Singapore's second-largest phone company, said it is concerned that customers will scale back their spending on telecommunications and television services because of the fallout from the financial turmoil in the United States.
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