CZ4 - Dutech Holdings Limited

Dutech Holdings Limited1 specialises in precision engineering. It designs and manufactures products with a focus on high-precision technology processes. Its operations in the People's Republic of China are conducted through its subsidiaries Tri Star Inc, for the safes segment, and Tri Star Semicon PRC, for the semiconductor segment. It has two segments: the design and manufacture of high security Underwriters Laboratories certified safes, which include the automated teller machine (ATM) safes for use in the banking industry and fire-resistant commercial safes for residential and office use and for the storage of weapons, and the design and manufacture of semiconductor instruments and parts, and precision machining parts for semiconductor equipment for use in the semiconductor and automotive industries. It manufactures 26 models of ATM safes, 59 models of commercial safes and 105 models of precision machining parts and semiconductor parts and six models of tester units.



Industry Electronics
Address 11G Int Shipping & Fin Ctr 720 Pudong Avenue Shanghai, SHA 200120 China
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