E06 - Eng Kong Holdings Limited

Eng Kong Holdings Limited is an investment holding company engaged in the provision of integrated container services. Its operations are organized in four segments. The container depot operation segment provides mainly storage and handling, repair and transportation services for empty containers. The warehousing and container freight station segment is involved in stuffing and unstuffing of outbound and inbound general cargo, warehousing of cargo, which require long-term storage and rental income from warehouse. The container sales, agencies and survey segment includes trading of used containers, acting as container leasing agents and inspection of new containers. The others segment includes rental income from properties and treasury activities.

The four main business segments operate principally in two regions: South East Asia comprising Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, and North Asia comprising Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), Taiwan and People's Republic of China.



Industry Self-storage Unit Leasing
Address 13 Tuas Avenue 11 Singapore 639079 Singapore
Phone 6568616355
Fax 6568611498
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