E9A - Li Heng Chemical Fibre Technologies Limited

Li Heng Chemical Fibre Technologies Limited is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of high-end nylon yarn products in the People’s Republic of China. All the Company’s products are sold under its brand names, Liyuan and Liheng. The Company’s principal product lines are nylon highly oriented yarn (HOY)/ partially oriented yarn (POY), nylon fully drawn yarn (FDY) and nylon drawn-textured yarn (DTY), and it manufactures them in different characteristics tailored in accordance with the requirements of its customers.

The Company’s nylon yarn products are sold mainly to fabric and textile manufacturers in the China, where its products are further applied to manufacture high-end casual wear, sportswear, swimwear, skiwear, lingerie, hosiery and undergarments. In addition, its products have also been applied by its customers for other commercial uses in the manufacture of home furnishing articles shoes, bags, luggage, umbrellas and parachutes.



Industry Textile
Address Binhai Industrial Zone Fujian Province Changle City, 350218 China
Phone 86-591-28513333
Fax 86-591-28515678


  • October 17, 2008 - Li Heng sees falling sales and prices1 - Nylon firm Li Heng Chemical Fibre said yesterday that the financial crisis is starting to bite, as customers ask for lower prices and longer credit. Chief financial officer John Chan expects the industry's sales to fall 10 per cent this fiscal year and nylon fibre prices to drop 2-5 per cent this year. — Reuters
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