G09 - Gul Technologies Singapore Ltd.

Gul Technologies Singapore Ltd.1(GTS) is engaged in the manufacture and sale of double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs) and investment holding.

Its PCBs are supplied to the automotive industry (electronic engine control, power control module, anti-lock braking systems, speed controls, clusters and telematics), telecommunication industry (mobile phones, digital enhanced cordless telephones and land mobile radios), information technology industry (disk and tape drives for computers, network routers, servers, firewalls, port adapters, voice over Internet protocol and wireless local area network), and healthcare industry (hearing aids, infusion pumps and glucose monitoring devices).

Its major subsidiaries include Gultech International Pte Ltd, Teledyne-Gultech Pte Ltd, I-Pro Pte Ltd, Gultech China Pte Ltd and Greendale Development Group Limited.



Address 149-A Gul Circle Singapore, 629606 Singapore
Phone 6568616522
Fax 6568610381
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