G86 - China Milk Products Group Limited

China Milk Products Group Limited1 is engaged in the production and sale of raw milk, pedigree bull semen and pedigree dairy cow embryos in the People's Republic of China. The Company's raw milk is sold mainly to domestic dairy product manufacturers, who process the raw milk to produce various dairy products, such as fresh and pasteurized milk, yoghurt and ice cream. Its pedigree bull semen and pedigree dairy cow embryos are sold to various government livestock bureaus and government entities in different areas of the People's Republic of China and are either used for their own internal consumption or resold to local farmers. The Company also breeds calves by artificial insemination or transplantation of its pedigree dairy cow embryos. With nine farms, with a combined land area of approximately 1.83 million square meters, the Company has a total herd size of 14,789, including Holsteins of Canadian, Australian and Chinese origins.



Industry Dairy Products
Address North Band 104 Farm Daqing High-Tech Develop. Zone Daqing, HNG 163316 China
Phone 864596280860
Fax 864596280865


  • October 1, 2008 - China Milk says its products are safe2 - China Milk yesterday said that its raw milk samples were tested and confirmed by a government laboratory in Daqing to be free from any trace of melamine. The raw milk samples were also confirmed as compliant with national standards for raw and fresh milk.
  • September 20, 2008 - China Milk, China Dairy give assurance on their products3 - TWO Chinese companies listed in Singapore have come out to give assurance about the quality of their milk and milk-related products amid a melamine-tainted milk powder and ready-to-drink milk scandal in China.
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