I54 - Fabchem China Limited

Fabchem China Limited1 is an investment holding company. The Company and its subsidiaries are engaged in the production and sale of commercial explosives products, comprising explosive devices, initiators and detonators, both under its own brand name (Yinguang) and those of third parties. It also provides after-sales services to its customers. Its products are mainly used by the mining, hydroelectric and infrastructure construction industries.

Its range of products are categorized as explosive devices, such as boosters, tube charges and seismic charges; boosters and seismic charges are used to enhance the power of the explosions; seismic charges are a type of blasting device mainly used in the exploration of oil, natural gas and minerals in the earth using seismic wave refraction method; industrial fuse and initiating explosive devices, such as detonating cords and non-electric tubes, and industrial detonators, such as non-electric detonators and piston non-electric detonators.



Industry Explosives
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