L05 - Lafe Technology Limited

Lafe Technology Limited1 is an investment holding company engaged in the design and manufacture of recording heads and related assemblies for tape autoloaders, tape drives, hard disk drives, optical drives or card readers in the data storage market. Its products in tape automation include table-top autoloader and rackmount autoloader.

Its tape drive and sub assembly products include half-height tape drive, tape drive modules, tape path modules, tape module with magneto-resistive (MR) tape head, head guide assembly and drive pre-assembly with head. Tape head assembly products offered by Lafe Technology Limited2 include head actuator assembly, MR tape head, head tilt assembly and ferrite tape head. It also offers other products, such as 6 in-dash compact disc changer and head gimbal assembly.



Industry Computers/Electronics
Address Bank of Bermuda Bldg 6 Front Street Hamilton HM11 Bermuda 068909 Singapore
Phone 6562210010
Fax 6562210012
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