M67 - China Printing & Dyeing Holding Limited

China Printing & Dyeing Holding Limited1 is engaged in the provision of printing and dyeing services and the production and sales of print and dye textile products. It provides printing and dyeing services for a range of fabric materials, including polyester fabrics, temperature resistant and temperature controlled fabrics, cotton fabrics, spandex fabrics, linen and nylon-cotton fabrics. It specialises in the printing and dyeing of polyester fabrics.

It provides other services, such as fabric surface after-treatment processing, which imparts special functionalities, such as waterproof, fire-resistant and anti-bacteria properties. It provides a one-stop service for its customers by offering a range of products with varying colors, designs and fabrics. It caters mainly to the middle and middle to high-end markets. It has 1,000 different types of print and dye textile products. Its higher end fabrics include embroidered, water printed, nylon-cotton and spandex.



Industry Textile
Address Chang Hongzha Village Ma'an Town Shaoxing County, ZHJ China
Phone 865755621933
Fax 865755622012
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