P74 - China Kandga Food Company Limited

China Kandga Food Company Limited1 is an investment holding company. It produces a variety of ready-to-eat food products, such as curry products, de-oxygenated, consumer-packed chestnuts, meatballs, fried chicken wings, fried chicken drumstick, roasted/barbequed rabbit meat, instant seafood and soup products. The Company also acts as an original equipment manufacturer of chicken-based cooked products, chestnuts, instant soup and curry products for Japanese food corporations. It is organized into two segments: manufacturing and sale of chilled and frozen meat products, and manufacturing and sale of processed food products. The production of its chilled and frozen meat products is mainly undertaken by the Company's subsidiary, Qingdao Kangda Foods Co., Ltd (Kangda Foods) Its chilled and frozen meat products are chicken and rabbit-based. The Company's subsidiary, Perfect Good Group Limited, acquired 74% of Kangda Foods pursuant to a sale and purchase agreement dated January 5, 2006.



Industry Poultry Processing
Address No. 1, Hainan Road Economic and Technology Development Zone, Jiaonan City Qingdao, SDG China
Phone 8653286171115
Fax 8653286167510


  • September 25, 2008 - Tested dessert safe for consumption: China Kangda2 - CHINA Kangda Food Company told shareholders yesterday that the results of the preliminary verification of the raw milk used by the group in processing 'Nissin Retort Pouch Cha Cha Dessert' found it safe for consumption
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