T42 - China Auto Electronics Group Ltd

China Auto Electronics Group Ltd., formerly China Transcom Technologies Ltd., is an investment holding company. Through its subsidiaries, it is engaged in the design and manufacture of a range of telecommunication, data network and transportation communication products in China. Its products are categorized into three main groups: telecommunication products, data network products and transportation communication products. Its telecommunication products include wireless public and office telephones, components for code division multiple access/global system for mobile communications networks, and special-purpose components for HJD-04 digital telephone exchange.

Its data network products include optical transmission equipment, broadband products and long-distance digital imaging surveillance system. Its transportation communication products include global positioning system (GPS)-based transportation communication products, tire monitoring system and highway emergency telephone systems.



Industry Telecommunications Equipment
Address 12th Floor, Jinguo Mansion No. 56 Wenhua Road Zhengzhou, HEN China
Phone 863713915107
Fax 863713932085
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